´Cockroach-infested West End restaurant closed down

by ana.francisco @ 6/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

Photo: Westminster City Council)

A cockroach-infested cafe has been shut down in the West End.


(Photo: Westminster City Council)(Photo: Westminster City Council)

The Pompidou cafe on Irving Street near Leicester Square was found to have a greasy kitchen, unmarked food and a “cockroach infestation, alive and dead”, Southwark Crown Court was told.

The cafe was fined £17,300 after owners Red Tree Productions Ltd ignored warnings from Westminster City Council.

Steve Harrison, Westminster City Council’s operational director of premises management, said: “The kitchen was filthy, infested with cockroaches and posed a serious threat to anyone eating there.”

He continued: “When we discovered the extent of the health and hygiene problems at Pompidou, we knew we had no option but to close it immediately.”

(Photo: Westminster City Council)(Photo: Westminster City Council)

“The vast majority of the food businesses in Westminster are well run, have good standards and, where needed, Westminster City Council would much rather work with proprietors to improve conditions but, where that’s not possible, we will seek legal action.”

“The fine handed down to Pompidou’s owners should serve as a warning to any others who don’t take their responsibilities seriously,” he said.

Judging from Trip Advisor reviews, it seems the cafe will not be missed.

Of the 16 reviews, eight rated it “terrible”, four “poor” and four “average”.


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Daniel Hunts

3/19/2016 6:28:32 PM

shutting down is a good enough punishment . They should take care of pests right away

Jopestkil Guaranteed Exterminator

3/25/2016 6:43:22 PM

What a shame over cockroach infestation issue. Why not employ an expert to remove this kind of menace completely from commercial premises. Its now the heaviest burden of punishments imposed. Cockroaches are the non sturbon to exterminate of all pests available...


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