Fines for cockroach hit restaurant and supermarket Sai Mantra and Sai Supermarket in Milton Keynes

by ana.francisco @ 6/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

THE owner of a restaurant and adjacent supermarket has been left thousands of pounds out of pocket, after both premises were found infested with cockroaches.

Sellathurai Thayaharan appeared before Milton Keynes magistrates on Friday, May 30 to admit three offences under Food Hygiene Regulations for both the Sai Mantra restaurant and the Sai Supermarket, in Queensway, Bletchley, which totalled six offences.

In Sai Mantra, cockroaches were found on the premises, the restaurant failed to keep the premises clean and failed to ensure that surfaces and equipment that food came into contact with were adequately cleaned and disinfected.

In Sai Supermarket, cockroaches were on the premises, the supermarket failed to keep the premises clean and maintained in good repair and condition and failed to provide hot water to the wash hand basin.

The court heard that Sai Mantra was formally closed by Milton Keynes Council on August 1 2013 in relation to the infestation of cockroaches, and re-opened the next day. The shop was not closed down.

In respect of each premises, magistrates fined them £1,100 in total for their relevant three offences, and each was also ordered to pay £573.14 costs.

Each premises therefore has a total bill of £1,713.14 to pay.

A spokesman for the council’s regulatory team said: “Diners and shoppers have every right to visit premises secure in the knowledge that certain standards of hygiene are being maintained.

“On this occasion, at both of these premises, these standards fell woefully short.”


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Daniel Hunts

3/19/2016 6:31:19 PM

food hygiene violations have a serious threat to public safety and deserving of a hefty fine, despite his modest financial circumstances.

Jopestkil Guaranteed Exterminator

3/25/2016 6:49:09 PM

In commercials there should be high standards of safety and hygiene at all costs. Under pests... should be checked thoroughly if any kind of infestations can be suspected or detected.


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