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medicated Cannabis that cures cancer,asthma,arthritis etc

medicated Cannabis that cures cancer,asthma,arthritis etc

yoo i have got some real bush greens. shits that will make you real high
if you are really interested. hook me up at
call or text = +(214)225-5155

get your mind blown real shit for ma dawgs
diff types and all quantities

SkunK A+
Gran Daddy Purple A+
Blue Dream A+
OG Kush A+
Granddaddy Purp A+
Alaskan Thunderfuck AA++
White Widow A+
Purple Kush A+
Durban Poison A+

(Good Strain For Appitite)
Juicy Fruit A+

(Good For Pain Relief)
Blueberry A+
Edison OG A+
Northernberry – Northern Lights A+
Purple Bubba Kush A+
Sour Diesel A+
Pure OG Budder A+
OG Kush A+
Lemon Skunk A
Purple Crack A+
Green Crack A+
White Widow A+
Durban Poison A Half once:(16grams) $250 Full ounce:(30grams) $300 1/8 pound(56grams) for

$450 1/4 pound(112grams) for $800 1/2 pound(224grams) for $1400, 1 pound(448grams) for


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