Wembley Indian restaurant shut down after food inspectors find cockroach infestation

by ana.francisco @ 6/23/2014 12:00:00 AM

Prohibition order: ChennaiDosa in Wembley High Road (Picture: Google Streetview)

An Indian restaurant has been shut down after food inspectors discovered a cockroach infestation.

ChennaiDosa, a restaurant chain specialising in south Indian foods, saw its branch in Wembley High Road was issued with a "hygiene emergency prohibition order" last week.

Food inspectors can only issue such an order if they deem the hygiene problems are such that they pose a risk to public health.

A spokesman for Brent council said: "We closed down these premises because of a cockroach infestation last week and received a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order from the courts on Wednesday.

"I can confirm we have taken action against them in the past."


The restaurant has a total of seven branches across London, including another in Ealing Road, Wembley, and three in Newham.

On its website, the chain says: "ChennaiDosa made an attempt to recreate the magic of South Indian cuisine in London and has been immensely successful since the opening of its first branch."

It said the branch in Wembley High Road - the one which was affected - was met with an "overwhelming response" after opening.

Nobody from the restaurant was immediately available for a comment. It is unknown if Chennai Dosa will reopen.


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Daniel Hunts

3/19/2016 6:33:41 PM

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Jopestkil Guaranteed Exterminator

3/26/2016 2:43:08 AM

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